Our Business

The company concludes agreements with many big companies and organizations – public and private – to which it provides its products and services (like the EKO Card for fuel), it designs LPG installations or provides equipment on a long-term lease (e.g. storage tanks/ fuel pumps and lubrication equipment for garages) to commercial and industrial clients.

Moreover, the company, after making an assessment of market trends and the return on investment, builds new service stations or renovates existing ones with a view to providing better service to its customers.
The Greek Standardization Organization (ELOT) has certified the following systems of the company:

Quality Assurance System: ISO 9001:2008
Environmental Management System: ISO 14001: 2004 and
System for Health and Safety at work: OHSAS 18001:2007

The company focuses on quality in its advertisements, using the slogan: “Pump Quality”. This has been further strengthened following the official quality certification that the company has secured and on its special products like the car diesel with very low sulphur (50ppm).

Our Philosophy

The philosophy on which the successful course of our company was built is the following:

To supply the market with liquid fuels, LPG and high-quality lubricants in conditions of safety.
To show consistency and reliability and to provide prompt service to customers.
To apply modern methods and use suitable machinery and equipment for the proper carrying out of its operations in conditions of safety.
To provide continuous training to cadres and all the employees of the company in general.
To ensure conditions of hygiene and safety, protecting the staff and all interested parties.
To respect and protect the natural environment.
The management and reward of the company’s personnel have been designed in such a way as to achieve full utilization of time and capabilities of the staff and to continuously increase the productivity and efficiency of the company.

Mission And Values

The primary and firm goal of HELLENIC PETROLEUM CYPRUS LTD is to consolidate its leading position in the Cyprus market through the reliable provision of products and services and safe working conditions, showing respect to the environment and its customers and making a social contribution to the public at large.