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New range of EKO lubricants

Endowed with an advanced formulation, the new range of EKO lubricants contribute to the maximum performance

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Other Applications

This range of lubricants includes the following products:

  • Outboard lubricants, ash free, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of water cooled two stroke engines.
  • Lubricants for hydraulic and transmission requirements in agricultural and commercial tractors.
  • Lubricants specially formulated for hydraulic transmissions of Caterpillar equipment.
  • Compressor oils and hydraulic circuits in industrial and work-site applications, always conforming to the recommendations of the manufacturer on viscosity and quality standard.


EKO 2T is a high quality pre-diluted mineral oil with good detergency, specially developed for two-stroke gasoline engines where lubrication is performed either by self mixing or injection.


EKO 2T is suitable for mixing with all types of gasoline. In self-mixing cases, the engine’s manufacturer instructions should be followed.


  • Good lubricity performance.
  • Good detergency performance for engine cleanliness.
  • Protection against engine wear and spark plug fouling.
  • Protection against exhaust system blocking.
SAE Classification20
Viscosity, cSt @ 100C7,8
Flash point, COC, C (min)150
Pour point, C (max)-24
Base number mgKOH/gr0,56
Sulphated ash,mass %0,06



EKO Coastal Outboard

EKO OUTBOARD is a high quality ashless lubricant, made to satisfy the most crucial demands of two-stroke water-cooled outboard gasoline engines. The lubricant of the outboard engines is a very important fact, for their smooth function. EKO OUTBOARD – that is produced by basic oils and specific additives – meets the quality level TC-W3.


  • Minimizes the creation of residues and decrease significantly the pre-ignition.
  • Offers superior protection against rust and wear
  • Has high detergency characteristics.
  • Presents a perfect behavior as far as the pollution of the marine environment is concerned.

It is prediluted, in order to be easily mixed. It can be used in whatever mixing rate with gasoline according to the recommendations of the engine manufacturer. Many manufacturers of outboard motors recommend a mixing rate with gasoline of 25:1. This rate is typical and should be used if there is no recommendation from the manufacturer.

Density, kgr/lt @ 15 °C0,870
Viscosity, cST @ 40 °C 52
Flash Point, min73
Pour Point, max-33

EKO TORQUE 10-30-50

EKO TORQUE FLUID series includes lubricants specially formulated for  hydraulic transmissions.

EKOTORQUEFLUID 10,meets the following engineering specifications:

Caterpillar TO-4, Allison C-4, ZF TE – ML 03(p3).
EKO TORQUE FLUID 30, meets the following engineering specifications:
Caterpillar TO-4, Allison C-4, ZF TE – ML 03 / 01, Komatsu KES 07.868.1 Powershift Transmissions,Dana Powershift Transmissions.
EKO TORQUE FLUID 50, meets the following engineering specifications:
Caterpillar TO-4, ZF TE – ML 01, Komatsu KES 07.868.1 Powershift Transmissions, Tremec / TTC. Eaton.
SAE viscosity grade classificationSAE 10SAE 30SAE 50
Density, gr/ml @ 15 CASTM D 40520,88090,89590,9081
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 100CASTM D 4455,511,5017,70
Pour Point,°CASTM D 97-36-30-24
Flash point, COC, CASTM D 92210248260
Viscosity Index, (VI)ASTM D 22701159896
Copper Corrosion test, at 100C, 3 hoursASTM D 1301a1a1a
CCS viscosity, -20°C, mPaASTM D 52933000
Brookfield Viscosity, at -25° C, mPa.sec, maximumASTM D 2983150000
Brookfield Viscosity, at -15° C, mPa.sec, maximumASTM D 2983150000

EKO Vibra

EKO VIBRA are mineral oils formulated with high quality detergent additives. Suitable for various applications (depending on the viscosity grade) as simple gasoline and diesel engine oils, running-in oils, hydraulic fluids etc.

Viscosity grades available: SAE 10W, 20W-20, 30, 40, 50.


EKO VIBRA oils are suitable for naturally aspirated engines and commercial petrol engines, where the manufacturers recommend an oil of quality level API CC/SC or lower .


  • Full engine protection from API CC/SC quality.
  • Excellent oil for synchromesh gearboxes where non-extreme-pressure additive gear oils are required.
SAE Classification10W20W-20304050
Density, kgr/lt @ 15 °C0,8820,8860,8940,8970,903
Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C6,191214,518,5
Flash point, COC, °C (min)204216224232244




Mixing of EKO VIBRA oils with Hydraulic oils could create problems due to incompatibility.


Multi-functional lubricant developed specifically for agricultural and off highway use. Recommended for use in diesel engines, both turbocharged and naturally aspirated, transmission systems with integral final drive, oil immersed brakes, and hydraulic systems of most types of tractors and other farm equipment.

EKO FARM may also be used in applications where various OEM approved products are recommended.

Quality level:

API CΕ/CF/SF, API GL-4, ΑCEA E1, Mercedes Benz 227.1, Ford (M2C-159B), ZF TE ML 06 (p4b), ALLISON C-4, CCMC D4/ CCMC G2, J. DEERE J20A, Massey Ferguson M-1144.
Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C14,1
Flash point °C (min)216
Pour point °C (max)-24


With regular car oil changes, your vital engine parts stay well-coated and protected against excess heat and friction. When you skip oil changes, the oil begins to thicken, break down, and is consequently less effective, resulting in damage and engine wear.

Avoid costly engine repairs

When you don’t change your oil regularly, you could end up needing costly engine repairs or even an engine replacement. Don’t risk it – follow your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. It will save you a lot of time and expense in the long run, and in the short run, you’ll even save on gas, as a well-oiled car burns fuel more efficiently.