“EASY FUEL” is a wireless fuel management system, easy to install, which does not require continuous maintenance. It is a smart card system allowing the supply of authorised vehicles with fuel, preventing possible abuses. The smart card installed in the vehicle, provides a flexible platform which stores, processes, and updates information about the fleets of cars.

The Easy Fuel system allows the recording and reading of

The vehicle registration number
The service station which supplied the fuel
The date and time of refuelling

Car Wash

Car washing gives your vehicles a better look and the feeling of cleanliness. It also creates a pleasant atmosphere inside the car!!
Moreover, the proper maintenance of the body work, the tyres, the wheel-rims, the upholstery, the internal plastic parts and the windshields helps avoid corrosion of the external metal parts, ensures the longevity and uniform maintenance of the paint of the body and the fenders, giving your vehicle a nice appearance and less problems of corrosion and lack of uniformity.

Oil Change

Motion always brings us forward, to the future, where we come across a new range of EKO lubricants. Now a wide range of lubricants is leaving its mark on today’s movement towards the future, for all engines, ranging from modern petrol to dynamic diesel applications.

Endowed with an advanced formulation, the new range of EKO lubricants contribute to the maximum to the dynamic characteristics of the engine and provide perfect protection, even in the most demanding conditions.

Company Card

Fully automated (electronic) data transfer from the pump to the office computer and from office computer to the head office.
Daily, once during the evening, all the data from service stations are transferred to the server in our company’s head office. If you wish, you can have the data pertaining to your company, the following day. That is we can send these data electronically every day to the computer which you will designate. From there, you can treat these data as you wish, using your own programme. (The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority has installed a similar program.)

Mini Market

EKO mini markets either during a long journey, or during the refilling of your vehicle in the course of a pleasant or tiring day, offer quick service so that you may:

Take care of your car!
Have a quick bite!
Quench your thirst!
Make quick shopping!

Home Delivery

EKO has developed a central distribution system, controlled by EKO itself, where the supply takes places electronically thus preventing anyone from interfering with either the quantity or the quality of the oil, therefore you can be certain that you will get every last drop of the oil that you deserve.

Once again EKO makes everything clear in protecting consumers’ interest by being the first to offer a transparent and economically advantageous solution to the problem.